First European Forum on Cultural Heritage and Gender

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The Women’s Legacy Europe project arose from the European Heritage Days 2018 campaign: Emakumeen Emaria, (which means “Women’s Legacy” in Basque language). The success of the initiative encouraged us to continue working in depth. In alliance with other European countries, we proposed drawing up new strategies and action lines, as well as project exchanging and raising awareness via a common platform. And to make this line of work visible, we held the 1st International Forum on Heritage Interpretation in a Gender Perspective.

The meeting, held in webinar format, has been divided into three thematic blocks: Women’s Storytelling, With a Woman’s Name, and Women’s Memory.

The first of them has collected all the European experiences that, to date, have dealt with women’s cultural heritage in the framework of the European Heritage Days, a regular event fostered by the European Council. Different initiatives have been presented (carried out in the Basque Country, in England and in Ile-de-France) promoted by public and private bodies, non-profit organizations and volunteers. The second block showed transversal projects that are being developed in Italy, Slovenia and the Basque Country, based on the profiles of women of historical, artistic or political significance. The third and last section has dealt with widely varing experiences, whose common denominator is the education, training, socialization of women’s cultural heritage. Carried out by cultural resources in Bizkaia, Navarre and Valencia, they all share the implementation of programmes in which the gender perspective plays an essential role.


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