Women’s Legacy selected as a “good practice” project by an OMC’s expert working group

The 1st International Women's Legacy Forum, held in January 2021, has been selected as a good practice by the OMC (Open Method Coordination) expert working group of the Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture of the European Commission. It is the...

First European Forum on Cultural Heritage and Gender

The Women’s Legacy Europe project arose from the European Heritage Days 2018 campaign: Emakumeen Emaria, (which means “Women’s Legacy” in Basque language). The success of the initiative encouraged us to continue working in depth. In alliance with other European...


The Wikiemakumeok project is part of a worldwide initiative called “Women in red” that condemns the limited presence of women on Wikipedia. Its aim is to make all the links related to women that now appear in red (those that do not have their own Wikipedia entry)...

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