The role of women in the history of Santurtzi.

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Explained the initiative carried out within the Employment Plan (2016- 2017). For the carrying out of this project a team of five young people from the municipality was created, whose mission was to convey the history of Santurtzi. One of the activities developed was Itzaleko argiak / Lights in the shadow, aimed at giving a new meaning to the historical narrative, bringing to light the importance of women in the history of Santur–tzi, always based on real and personal testimonies.

Concrete proposals:

  • The fundamental role of research is highlighted. It is not a question of relating something that did not happen, but of rescuing from oblivion the work of women throughout history, without being limited to the most archetypal representations (such as the sardineras, or sardine sellers).
  • To work locally with an equal presence. The presence of women must be guaranteed both in the research teams and in the people interviewed to recover the memory. In fact, experience has shown that, in general, women have more memories than men, and that they are more aware of the need to preserve memories.
  • It is essential to approach the project with a participatory methodology. In this case, the involvement of the people involved through the Local Employment Plan was essential.
  • It is necessary for the administration to make an effort to guarantee the continuity of these actions, so that they do not become isolated events.


Carlos Glaria Culture technician of the local council of Santurtzi


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