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The Wikiemakumeok project is part of a worldwide initiative called “Women
in red” that condemns the limited presence of women on Wikipedia. Its aim
is to make all the links related to women that now appear in red (those
that do not have their own Wikipedia entry) become blue links, with their
own content.
Wikiemakumeok, therefore, is established to increase the presence of women on Wikipedia, to promote the action of women editors in the Wiki and also to promote the inclusion of content with a gender perspective, which is still very scarce.
The objectives of the project are: to promote publishing guidelines, so that entries about women are included in Wikipedia; to discover important women, their activity (scientific, artistic, cultural, sports, social…), their career, their works; to make these women visible in Wikipedia by creating their biography, completing it with references and/or translating it from/ to other languages; to increase the number of women editors in Wikipedia; and to increase the number of people who publish about women and with a gender perspective in Wikipedia.


  • Positive actions: promote publishing workshops and marathons on the topics in which they specialise, to contribute to dissemination in this field with a gender perspective.
  • Release content and images under a creative commons license. The knowledge is already produced and collated on web pages and in publications. The idea is to go one step further and upload this knowledge to the encyclopaedia by improving and updating the profiles that have already been created. It can also be done by adding references and including the gender perspective or by identifying and creating non-existent ones.

The aim is to achieve the following:

  • To identify and create content related to women that does not exist, such as biographies of important women in different disciplines (scientific, artistic, cultural, sports, social…) and their careers and works.
  • To increase the number of women publishers, to go from being users to recognising and empowering themselves as creators.
  • To improve, update and publish content with a gender perspective, contributing to the role of women in this area and, at all times, using inclusive language.
  • And to incorporate free audio-visual content to facilitate the documentation of another type of culture and knowledge that is not based exclusively on academia, acknowledgements from institutions or the exposure of conventional media.

To date, in the 93 meetings they have organised since 2015 and in which more than a hundred people have participated, they have managed to incorporate 500 new women’s biographies into Wikipedia. Among them are artists, sportswomen, journalists, entrepreneurs, rappers, teachers, musicians…

This is an up-and-coming project, which is undoubtedly contributing to an increase in the presence of women on Wikipedia and, therefore, to creating a fairer and more equal society.


Sonia Francisco Project promoter


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